One Day In Your Life

It's time for me to introduce you my new project, One Day In Your Life.


One Day In Your Life is a collaborative photoblogging project where
everypost is published by a different photographer and contains 4 pictures.

The concept is pretty much simple.
The only rule is the time : the first photo must be shot at 10:00, the
second at 14:00, then 18:00 and 22:00.
Then, you are free to take whatever you want in photo :)

So, each day bring its different views from different eyes, but shot at
the same time.

Of course you're taking pictures only once (or several time if you enjoyed the experience). You are not supposed to take 4 pictures a day :D

And moreover, you don't need to be an expert photographer. We are more interested by inspiration than techniques.

Everyone is more than welcomed to join this project by publishing pictures and joining discussions about them.  We would be more than flattered to give opportunity to people from as many different horizons as possible.

I'm currently starting this project up. There is no defined starting date, as it really depends of the number of people ready to take part to the game. Anyway, the website will be ready to use within 2 weeks.

So that's why I'm asking you these questions :

What do you think about this idea?
Would you mind to take 4 pictures during one day in your life, and
blog them on the site?

We can discuss in the comments about it.

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