KASA is involved in Nubarashen orphanage #11 since 10 years. Yes, this orphanage dedicated to mentally decifient kids is very close to the dump site.
At first the NGO brought material helps such as clothes, then started psychological projects in order to help the children, then worked with the orphanage's staff in order to bring them proper training and framework.
. .
A therapy-by-game project took place in 2007, with the renovation of one of the room, and some workshops twice a week, with mental health specialists and volunteers. . .
. . I'm just typing this message on my personal behalf. I wanted to share with you some pictures from the last workshop session by Lilith Abrahamyan, psychatrist, one of this project supervisor, with these mentally ill but happy kids. I thought that they desserved a bit more than just being part of an internal evaluation report. . .
. . If you want more information about the project, and take part to psychological actions and trainings in Yerevan, contact [email protected], and if you feel like supporting KASA psychological projects by donating, contact [email protected] . .