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  1. I think you hit a bullseye there fellas!

  2. At last! Someone who understands! Thanks for posting!

  3. 347 Nie narzekaj, póki co to najbardziej „ludzki” kurs Javy jaki spotkałem… Jak widziałem teksty typu:„Paradygmat programowania zorientowanego obiektowo w Javie opiera się na pojęciu klasy, które w sposób istotny wzbogaca strukturę modularną i semantyczną programów. ” w programowaniu „dla zielonych” to myślałem że to ze mną jest już coś nie tak xDSą książki pisane z przesłaniem „O jaki ja jestem mądry” i takie „Zobacz jakie to proste”. Niestety trafiłeś widocznie na typ pierwszy

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  5. La série est finie, elle fait 12 numéros US donc non, pas de troisième tome. Et c’est très bien mais je ne pense pas qu’on puisse y voir la même force d’un Watchmen. Il y a nettement moins de niveau de lecture, par exemple.

  6. Kan erkänna direkt att jag hade fel – Amiral 2001 verkar kosta de 250-280 SEK i de flesta länder. Priset är sÃ¥ledes korrekt i det avseendet. Ganska litet gap i pris mellan första och andravin.Jag har nog blivit helt prisskadad av att handla pÃ¥ auktioner – men där ingÃ¥r det ju ocksÃ¥ en risk att vinet varit dÃ¥ligt behandlat.Hade väldigt gärna köpt Bosquet de Papen – men den verkar stenslut. Det lär väl bli andrahandsmarknaden pÃ¥ den ocksÃ¥.

  7. – Wow, good thing you did a taste test! I’m a chocoholic, too, but I’m like you — I want it (or anything else) to be really good before I ingest those calories!

  8. I have read Raising Your Spirited Child, as well. I think I liked it better, pahreps because the concept was still new and I was just expecting more from the HSC book. I haven’t read The Out Of Sync Child yet, but it’s my understanding HSC was better so I doubt I will get around to it. Hold On To Your Kids and RU Revolution sound interesting too. I’m never going to make it through my book pile!

  9. 144-es furatkörrel kompatibilisek az új Miche pályatányérok (Miche Advanced, fekete), ezek általában kaphatók a Bajnok Kerékpárüzletben például. Ha valami exkluzívabbra vágysz, vehetsz Yobit is (lásd link a cikkben).

  10. There are books you can buy that you can write down what she eats and when. I write it down on my calendar and then transfer it to a journal book at the end of the month. You could also create a chart on microsoft word and print that out to keep track of the food.

  11. Perfect shot! Thanks for your post!

  12. Donc les gens qui mentionnent dans leur fiche qu’il vive au jour le jour ou qu’il vive juste pour le moment présent ! Ses quoi est-ce qu’ils sont en phase terminal ? lol

  13. C, Ruben is sometimes too aggressive but he is active and wants to improve the team. His big issue to me will be to be creative with his contracts or trades so he can fill the three main holes the Phillies have(CF=RH or SH; 8th Inning Setup Relievers and a corner outfielder with power). Frandsen was a surprise at 3B and can be more valuable than any Free Agents and I can live with Frandsen..

  14. Even with all the exposition, I still don’t know what an Exacta, Pick Six, etc are. Their explanations, as the lion’s share of the dialogue, fall just outside my reach as discussed above.

  15. That’s 2 clever by half and 2×2 clever 4 me. Thanks!

  16. I can’t believe I’ve been going for years without knowing that.

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  18. Hey, that’s powerful. Thanks for the news.

  19. It feels like I fight the Africa-is-a-monolithic-culture thing all the time! Fortunately, the September theme at BabyGirl’s wonderful progressive schools is North Africa and they are examining the peoples, industries, cultures, foods, etc. of separate countries–complete with mini passports to show they’ve “been” to different countries and cities!You were right to call her on the Africa thing. That just cheeses my toast.

  20. Didn’t know the forum rules allowed such brilliant posts.

  21. skriver:nu när jag lagt in en header, (som jag gjort själv, alltsÃ¥ skrivit mitt namn pÃ¥ bilden) sÃ¥ har jag tvÃ¥ namn pÃ¥ headern? hur fÃ¥r jag bort det, som jag lxm alltid stÃ¥r där? jag har nämligen tagit bort allt dettaa görut, och fick hjälp av en kompis, men nu raderade jag allt och börja om frÃ¥n början. allt verkade skita sig…

  22. It’s great to find someone so on the ball

  23. That’s really thinking of the highest order

  24. i know what you mean. in my experience anime fans are loud/annoying/creepy & don't wash their hair nearly often enough.is that a stereotype? i don't know. but anyway, i love your outfit, so cute!

  25. I was looking everywhere and this popped up like nothing!

  26. A slur! A slur on that lovely drink. I am very lucky to live one stop away from Cafe East; there seems to be quite a few places in our little South East corner, particularly in Deptford. This pleases me no end. That banh cuon is my favourite though; all those textures.

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  34. Ciao Cécile!!! Grazie per il tuo commento mi ha fatto tantissimo piacere :) Io adoro i vestitini e questo con le mele è carinissimo, il taglio e semplice ma la fantasia è unica!!! Beata te che puoi mangiare le "pain aux raisins" e le "Chausson aux pommes", io gli adoro, così come les madeleines!!! Diverti, visita tanti bei luoghi e mangia un sacco di delizie :)Clo

  35. Salve a tutti… qualcuno è stato al primo incontro di martedì riguardo la ricerca di mercato? Se sì sapreste darmi qualche info in più del tipo: quante volte la settimana saranno gli incontri? E altre informazioni che ritenete importanti? Grazie mille…

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