Esfahan, Iran

Tea on the top of the World Imam Square/Esfahan/Iran/July07/
more to come soon

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  1. God help me, I put aside a whole afternoon to figure this out.

  2. It’s posts like this that make surfing so much pleasure

  3. A good many valuables you’ve given me.

  4. Pourquoi est-ce à Gris-ne-pisse de se saisir de ce problème ?C’est une question de santé publique, pas d’écologie.D’ailleurs, la plupart des questions dont se saisissent les écolos concernent la santé publique et non l’écologie. C’est une forfaiture tellement répandue que le public n’y prend même plus garde.

  5. As a youth, there was a campground called Devils hopyard near your Killington. My friends and I would bring the girls there (or maybe they brought us) to spend the weekend after a concert in the nearby city. I totally agree that something needs to be done about the old english ways, they get confused and take revenge sometimes when they really should’nt.The weak grow strong, and the strong carry on.

  6. How neat! Is it really this simple? You make it look easy.

  7. food post. I’ll let you pick. Or you could do a geeky food post…And in Sam’s defense, I would have refused to walk in a fabric store as well. Even today maybe…

  8. You’ve completely neglected to mention the single-handed efforts of the US against Imperial Japan along with Lend Lease and the Marshall Plan (two obviously forgotten AMERICAN aid programs).The US was instigated to participate in the two European/Japanese wars and ended up losing countless LIVES in battles and countless BILLIONS of dollars in foreign aid. European and Japanese hubris was responsible for the most hideous and vast destruction in human history. There is no compare.

  9. That’s not just logic. That’s really sensible.

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