Month: June 2007

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Just bought 1 week ago, the new Bambir (here and there) demo. 12 tracks of burning 70s rock n roll. A bit rough mixed (it is a demo, keep it in mind). Brilliant songs.

From “The Wild

Break in the rush

Things went weird these last days.

I was planning my departure, training the armenian guy that was hired to replace me. Starting to think about a new job. And look for it. Everything was going well.

My last hours in

Le fil du rasoir, suite

[Sorry for english speaking readers, I’ll translate this pretty long post later on this week.]

Le fil (du rasoir) s’est coupé.
Et j’ai enfin tranché.

Je reviendrai (sait on jamais ;)) en France aux alentours de la fin juillet (j’ai …

Armenia : 1 / Poland : 0

One of the biggest news these last few days is that “our” armenian football team beated Poland, 1.0, for Euro 2008 qualifiers.


Let it rain a day, a week, a year, Let it rain a thousand years a day

Yerevan is becoming hotter everyday … May/june is OK, but July/august is pretty much suffocating :)

45°C and more are not a joke, …


Katuner, live at Stop Club, Yerevan, Armenia, May 31st.


Last week, we hiked Mount Aragats. The lowest peak, as there was still lots of snow.

Very physical, especially due to the lack of oxygen, the melting snow, and my very bad physical shape (I wonder why :))…