Things went weird these last days.

I was planning my departure, training the armenian guy that was hired to replace me. Starting to think about a new job. And look for it. Everything was going well.

My last hours in Armenia / Gumri / June 07 /

Until l got a phone call from my successor last week. Very bad news.The guy wanted to be “wiser-than-the-old-monkey“, to get rid of the army he had to serve by starting a PhD. No Way.
I’m leaving in two days“, he said to me. Army got him.Bad news for me. I’ve been so stupid to bet on a single horse, especially knowing that he would had troubles with Armenian Army.

So I need to find another successor, train him and leave the country. In 1 week? no way. I’m staying a bit longer in order to put everything in order (again). End of july. Then probably Iran for 2 weeks.

Without any logical transition, let me introduce you a kind of local Elvis. from Gyumri.