Nothing really new in my life those days. I’m still jobhunting, and volunteering with some friends in local associations. Expect some fresher news about this point later on this month.

The occasion for me to share with you some links I checked lately and found interesting.

At first, some news about mates :

Some other links related to photo :

And then, let’s talk about inspiring music now

  • Maybe the best musical experience ever
  • Here is some music from Eastern europe, Korea and India.
  • And let me introduce you Gogol Bordello, gypsy punk from NYC, founded by an ukrainian immigrant
  • More inspiring music from gypsy/punk/folk/underground scenes, selected by the same ukrainian immigrant.
  • SoCalled, yeddish-styled hiphop, from Montreal.
  • Caravan Palace, jazzy electroswing from Paris
  • Miami, electrogirls from Japan