Earlier on this month, I got contacted through Facebook (my profile is here) by an old friend of mine with whom I’ve been travelling to Benin 3 years ago.

The occasion for me to remember these goold old days. 1 month in the middle of nowhere, in the deep African countryside, giving courses to high school students. It was my first contact with the NGO world, 2 years before going to Armenia.

I learnt a lot during this experience, about working in a multicultural environment, and about myself, my first experience abroad. I wrote a report 2 monthes after, back in Paris, available here in PDF format. I also wrote an article for a french speaking magazine, here.

So latelyj i edited some of my pictures i shot during this time. You can enjoy a sample here on this post, and the rest of my flickr page, and on this minisite.

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