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tajikistan panorama

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Pulaski Bridge, January 2013



Dour Festival, 2011


Atlantic Ocean Fisheye - original

Atlantic Fish Eye




Tbilisi Old Town





Views from Saïda souk, Lebanon…



Zenzile @ Dour…



Downtown Yerevan, October 2010.…


Soap & Light & Skin

Soap & Light & Skin…

On casse tout on recommence

Ca y est, followtheway.info version blog a vécu.

J’ai plus vraiment la motivation pour reprendre le blogging de manière régulière, par contre j’ai qques idées derrière la tête à creuser, donc cet espace est amené à évoluer dans un futur …

La musique adoucit les moeurs

Un des gros points positifs de la vie parisienne est l’hyperactivité de la scène musicale, et le nombre incalculable de concerts à voir tous les soirs. Et ça fait plaisir de retrouver cette ambiance, de revoir les habitués de la

Hello Tipi :)

Ca fait donc presque 2 semaines que j’ai donc décidé de travailler avec François sur son projet hellotipi.com.

Après 4 mois de recherche d’emploi, d’entretiens et de remises en question permanente, c’est une sorte de délivrnce qui arrive de …


Quelques jours passés à Heidelberg chez Phildar et Carolina avec les potes des Skallumés (groupe-icône culte de toute une génération d’ESSTINinens).

Rien de vraiment phénoménal à raconter, si ce n’est la joie de passer la nouvelle année avec des amis …

Reboot :)

Voilà je me remets à écrire en français. Je continuerai à écrire certains articles en anglais (comme le post Hospitality 2.0 en cours de rédaction), mais je suis de retour en France. Alors voilà

Alors avant d’oublier, bonne année 2008 …

Benin : Dogbo on Flickr

Earlier on this month, I got contacted through Facebook (my profile is here) by an old friend of mine with whom I’ve been travelling to Benin 3 years ago.

The occasion for me to remember these goold old …

Link(ed) #2

Nothing really new in my life those days. I’m still jobhunting, and volunteering with some friends in local associations. Expect some fresher news about this point later on this month.

The occasion for me to share with you some links …

Photoblogging Paris #1

Paris through my eyes, last month.

Nothing really interesting to tell, still jobhunting, doing some small free lance jobs, thinking about redesigning this blog…

Arménie : le best of

Un billet best of, avec des liens vers les meilleurs moments de ce blog depuis mars 2006 :)

Pas ou peu de photos, vous les retrouverez dans la catégorie qui va bien.

Ne me méprenez pas, j’ai globalement ADORE mes …

Oval planet

Not really another post about the Rugby World Cup, or France who beat All Blacks team yesterday evening. Just all communities from the city of St Denis (home of the Stade de France) partying in the streets.

6 weeks later

More than 6 weeks since I came back to France. Some changes took place in my life. Good things, bad things. Let’s sum up.
Going underground / Paris / September 2007 / www.followtheway.info

Iran : 2 weeks in another world

Here we are. My 7 posts long report from my trip in Iran is over. I hope you enjoyed it, and the pictures (if so, leave a comment here :)).

Here is a recap, with all the links :


Iran #7 : Tehran : Alternative iranian way of life

Tehran. Final (4 days long) step of our trip. We flew from Yazd with Iran Air. Service was good, and flight went smooth. 1h20, 800 kms, 23 US $ (yes yes).

We arrived by night straight to our Hospitality Club …

Iran #6 : Yazd : arid and luminous

Back from Persepolis, one more night in Shiraz, and we were heading to Yazd.

Iran #5 : Persepolis : quiet & mystic

The main reason we were going to Shiraz was Persepolis, the last remainin ruins from the Achaemenid Empire. About 2 500 years old.

So we left very early in the morning, by public transportation to reach the place.…

Iran #4 : Shiraz : depressing and austere

Without any other transition than a 7 hours bus trip by night, we arrived to Shiraz.

Tough change compared to the Half of the World.

More pictures about Esfahan

Si Oh Seh bridge, under
Blue Mosque, B/W

Closer shots
Blue mosque, from under
Si Oh Seh, by night

Iran #3 : Esfahan : easy-going, visual, elegant

Second stop, in Esfahan, where our trip really started.

Iran #2 : Kashan , suffocating

Our first step of the trip. Kashan, small city south/south east and 4 hours by bus from Tehran (only) 150 000 inhabitants.

A first rigorous stop in a very traditional city, where the only coloured clothes you see in the …

Iran #1 : Getting there

As you probably know (if you’re reading Follow the Way regularly :)), I’ve been 2 weeks in Iran on holidays, with a swiss friend (whose female point of view is also interesting).

2 weeks in a totally crazy country, far …

Nubarashen : the kids

KASA is involved in Nubarashen orphanage #11 since 10 years. Yes, this orphanage dedicated to mentally decifient kids is very close to the dump site.


Nubarashen : Smoking garbage

Just before going to Iran (the pictures are coming, I swear it :)), We went with Anahide to Nubarashen dump site, in the framework of her ecological researches for KASA NGO.

Unusual destination for a taxi driver

Bye Bye Armenia

Here am I, back in Paris.

View from my parents’ appartment

Break in the Rush #2

Sorry for the lack of posts these days.

Esfahan, Iran

Tea on the top of the World
Imam Square/Esfahan/Iran/July07/followtheway.info

more to come soon…

From Esfahan

Just a small post to tell y ou that everythig is OK here in Iran.

I am actually in Esfahan, since 3 days and 1 more.

Words are missing to describe the Imam square, the blue Mosques and endless bazars. …

Away in Iran

7 hours before taking the bus to Qazvin.

Two weeks in Iran. Qazvin so, then Qom (one of the oldest Holy cities of Islam), Kashan, Esfahan, Yazd, Shiraz, Persepolis and finally Tehran. Then flying back to Yerevan :)

Hospitality …

Discovering Tbilisi take 2

Here some pictures from my stay in Tbilisi last week.
As usual, it was too short (4 days), we didn’t had time to travel outside the city.

But nevermind, I loved hanging around the ethnic districts, jewish, azeri, armenian, all …


So here am I.
I booked my flight ticket back to France (for good) on august 6th, 5h30. Nothing more to add for the moment, I’ll blog about my impressions about my last month in Caucasus in general later …

On the road again :-)

Cruising under Caucasian skies
Tumanyan street/Yerevan/June 07/www.followtheway.info

I’ll be pretty much on the road the next few days/weeks.

Now playing

Just bought 1 week ago, the new Bambir (here and there) demo. 12 tracks of burning 70s rock n roll. A bit rough mixed (it is a demo, keep it in mind). Brilliant songs.

From “The Wild

Break in the rush

Things went weird these last days.

I was planning my departure, training the armenian guy that was hired to replace me. Starting to think about a new job. And look for it. Everything was going well.

My last hours in

Le fil du rasoir, suite

[Sorry for english speaking readers, I’ll translate this pretty long post later on this week.]

Le fil (du rasoir) s’est coupé.
Et j’ai enfin tranché.

Je reviendrai (sait on jamais ;)) en France aux alentours de la fin juillet (j’ai …

Armenia : 1 / Poland : 0

One of the biggest news these last few days is that “our” armenian football team beated Poland, 1.0, for Euro 2008 qualifiers.