Month: August 2007

Iran #5 : Persepolis : quiet & mystic

The main reason we were going to Shiraz was Persepolis, the last remainin ruins from the Achaemenid Empire. About 2 500 years old.

So we left very early in the morning, by public transportation to reach the place.…

Iran #4 : Shiraz : depressing and austere

Without any other transition than a 7 hours bus trip by night, we arrived to Shiraz.

Tough change compared to the Half of the World.

More pictures about Esfahan

Si Oh Seh bridge, under
Blue Mosque, B/W

Closer shots
Blue mosque, from under
Si Oh Seh, by night

Iran #3 : Esfahan : easy-going, visual, elegant

Second stop, in Esfahan, where our trip really started.

Iran #2 : Kashan , suffocating

Our first step of the trip. Kashan, small city south/south east and 4 hours by bus from Tehran (only) 150 000 inhabitants.

A first rigorous stop in a very traditional city, where the only coloured clothes you see in the …

Iran #1 : Getting there

As you probably know (if you’re reading Follow the Way regularly :)), I’ve been 2 weeks in Iran on holidays, with a swiss friend (whose female point of view is also interesting).

2 weeks in a totally crazy country, far …

Nubarashen : Smoking garbage

Just before going to Iran (the pictures are coming, I swear it :)), We went with Anahide to Nubarashen dump site, in the framework of her ecological researches for KASA NGO.

Unusual destination for a taxi driver

Bye Bye Armenia

Here am I, back in Paris.

View from my parents’ appartment

Break in the Rush #2

Sorry for the lack of posts these days.