A post (to be followed) about armenian blogosphere. Since this blog started, i almost entirely spoke about myself (my job, my settlement, etc etc). I’m going to change it, so my journal would be less boring i hope :). That’s why I’m going to post in english (posts will be available il both french and english, so my friends from Mourenx will be still able to understand my posts).

Let’s start by 2 armenian bloggers, with 2 different backgrounds, but whom i had the chance to meet in real life before reading their lines:
Di Cavoli e di Re : Nessuna, an armenian girl who represents pretty well the new generation bringing some changes in this country (a single smoking in the street, can you imagine that;)), and who don’t hesitate to post about tabou subjects like here , and there , especially about the gender condition in Armenia (interesting topic).

Oneworld : Onnick Krikorian, english free lance journalist (but with armenian origin, you’ve guessed with such a name), in Armenia since 8 years who kept his alternative perception of local society, and its changes (and non-changes) in those years, and which he like to share with people around him :)

Some lines to read, so. More blogs to come soo, in the near days/weeks.

And some pictures for the road :) Gogaran, small village from Lori region