Month: September 2007

6 weeks later

More than 6 weeks since I came back to France. Some changes took place in my life. Good things, bad things. Let’s sum up.
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Iran : 2 weeks in another world

Here we are. My 7 posts long report from my trip in Iran is over. I hope you enjoyed it, and the pictures (if so, leave a comment here :)).

Here is a recap, with all the links :


Iran #7 : Tehran : Alternative iranian way of life

Tehran. Final (4 days long) step of our trip. We flew from Yazd with Iran Air. Service was good, and flight went smooth. 1h20, 800 kms, 23 US $ (yes yes).

We arrived by night straight to our Hospitality Club …

Iran #6 : Yazd : arid and luminous

Back from Persepolis, one more night in Shiraz, and we were heading to Yazd.